Problem solving training

  • 26 August 2019 |
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problem solving training

Have you relaxed and recharged your batteries this summer. Apropos recharging: 

My family traveled by electrical car to Italy this summer. It turned out electric cars were not that common there...

It was hard to charge the car, as the apartment we rented was on the 2nd floor, on a narrow street, with few parking facilities.

Fortunately, problem solving is both unifying and engaging. With creative problem solving from the landlord and neighbors the problem was solved.


Work smarter not harder

  • 02 August 2018 |
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Work smarter not harder

Do you enjoy the summer? And your holiday?

I have spent my holiday in Norway enjoying our beautiful country and made this summer greeting for you (texted in English). "Work smarter not harder"

To work smarter, it's important to take breaks. Pauses give time for reflection and to see with new eyes.

Summer vacation can give you the break you need to see new solutions and opportunities.


Lean Startup & Six Sigma

  • 24 January 2018 |
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Lean Startup Six SigmaThe Lead Lean conference organized by Nordic Business Forum (22nd of January 2018) was an inspiring meeting with talented speakers like Anita Krohn Traaseth, Alex Osterwalder, Dan Toma, Eric Ries & Seth Godin.

A recurring theme during the day was exploitation and exploration. Exploitation is associated with incremental innovations on existing processes, services and products to make the best use of resources. Exploration is about radical innovations such as the development of brand new processes, services and products.

Continuous improvement efforts focus on incremental innovations - improvements to existing processes, products or services. 


Effective problem solving

  • 27 November 2017 |
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Lean Six Sigma helps you reduce costs, improve quality and increase productivity.

By applying the fact-based improvement method Lean Six Sigma, you achieve measurable results. You learn how to improve flow, center processes and reduce variation.

Understanding variation enables you to respond properly to measurement results, reduce and control unwanted variation. It is an important success factor to succeed in a competitive industry.


Challenge established truths

  • 16 January 2017 |
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challenge established truths


To me, Lean Six Sigma is about challenging established truths by asking critical questions and require facts. Critical questions enable us to develop and innovate.

Critical questions can be perceived as criticism therefore it is important to focus on the process, not the person. If we ask questions because we are curious and want more knowledge, the chance of being heard is greater.

An established truth within Six Sigma is that six sigma process involves 3.4 errors per million opportunities. It is an established truth that I want to challenge. 


What is the root cause?

  • 28 March 2016 |
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A few weeks ago I was on a job trip, where the return journey did not go according to plan.

The result was a missed air plane, and Hertz received a damaged car in return.

What really happened and what was the root cause?

We visited customers at Meløy, (3 hours drive from the closest airport Bodø). Normally you can drive, but due to a rockslide the road was blocked, and a ferry was the only alternative.

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