IASSC accredited training associate

Sissel Pedersen Lundeby is an IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification) accredited training associate. As of August 2019 she is the only Norwegian IASSC accredited training associate. 

"This accreditation publically reflects that you have met the standards established by IASSC such that those who participate in a training program led by you can expect to receive an acceptable level of knowledge transfer consistent with the Lean Six Sigma belt Bodies of Knowledge as established by IASSC."

IASSC is the only third-party independent lean six sigma certificationer. They provide a unbiased validation of Lean Six Sigma knowledge through their globally recognized Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt Certifications.

IASSC Lean Six Sigma Accredited Providers are recognized for maintaining consistent, high-quality and robust training standards in alignment with IASSC Accreditation Criteria.

Lean Tech is partner with GoLeanSixSigma and follows their Body of Knowledge for Lean Six Sigma belts and Lean training. Here is a comparison of course content for White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Lean.

Training that follow IASSC's body of knowledge are arranged on requests from companies. Lean Tech offers classroom, online and combination of online & classroom (flipped classroom) training within Lean Six Sigma. In addition, Lean Tech offer analytical problem solving and efficiency training.

process improvement

Process improvement

Solve your problem using Lean Six Sigma!

This training is designed for teams who want to improve their own processes using the fact-based problem solving method Lean Six Sigma. You will learn to use facts and analysis to prioritize the right projects and solutions. We use Six Sigma's DMAIC model for the problem solving: Define (understand problem and set goals), Measure (map current situation), Analyze (Prove true root causes), Improve (Measures to solve root causes) & Control (create lasting results).

The training is for teams of 4-8 people and we will work on a company specific challenge related to quality, time (productivity) or cost. Course duration is determined based on a conversation about needs. Usually 2-5 days. 

Yellow Belt

Understand Lean Six Sigma to improve processes!
yellowbeltYou will learn the basic of Lean Six Sigma to improve your processes. This includes define projects, set goals, plan and conduct data collection to uncover root causes, implement simple but effective solutions, create sustainable results. Training and certification.

Green Belt

Lead successful improvement projects!
greenbeltThis training enables you to complete successful projects by building your problem-solving muscles. You learn to 1. select the right projects and  understand the problem, 2. Measure the current situation and baseline the process, 3. Analyze the process and identify root causes, 4. Improve the process by implementing and verifying the best solution, 5. Control the new process by maintaining the solution. Training and certification.

Black Belt

Learn to train, coach, lead and support Lean Six Sigma teams!
blackbeltThis training enables you to manage multiple projects and ensure alignment with organizational goals, coach others to complete successful projects, communicate & influence people at all levels of your organization to manage change. You will also master the statistical tools applied in Six Sigma. The course requires Green Belt certification. Training and certification (includes exam and a project review of an improvement project you have completed, re-certification every 4 years).


Learn to streamline processes and build a lean culture!
leantrainingThis training enables you to: 1. Understand current process, identify wasteful and value adding process steps 2. Improve the process to reduce cycle time and costs, increase revenue and improve collaboration 3. Build a Lean Culture to sustain the improved process and build momentum for additional process improvement in other areas of your organization. Training and certification.

Evaluate measurement

Decide measurement uncertainty, precision, sensitivity and capability!
measurement system analysis1 day training to learn how to perform a measurement system analysis to decide precision, accuracy, sensitivity and capability. Reliable measurements are required to make good decisions.

Process control

Decide variation, stability and capability!
spc1 day training to learn how statistical process control (SPC) is used to identify normal and special cause variation. It's important to react correctly to measurement results, consider stability and capability.

Design of experiment

Effective experiments for optimal solutions!
Design of experiment2 days training to learn experimental design to develop product and processes efficient and effective. You reduce development costs and save time by testing multiple combinations at the same time. Good design and proper analysis will help you decide optimal solutions.

Hypothesis testing

Decide statistical significance of center and spread!
Hypothesis testing1 day training to learn to decide whether data sets have significant different average and variation. This can be used to determine root causes, causal relationships, or effects of changes. You learn how to develop hypothesis, collect and analyze data to determine practical and statistical significance.

Value stream mapping

Improve flow of materials and information through the value chain!
Value stream mapping2 days training to learn value stream mapping to improve flow of materials and information through the value chain. You learn to separate value-adding activities and waste, calculating "Takt" based on customer needs, cycle times and lead time.

Graphical analysis

Statistics and graphical analyzes to confirm root causes!
Graphical analysis2 days training to learn practical application of statistics and what graphical presentation is suitable for different types of data and problems. You will learn how statistics and graphs can help you confirm or disprove root causes.

Time management

Achieve your goals by focusing on value-adding activities!
time management1 day training to learn how to measure, evaluate, plan and improve your time management. The training is based on the product time management and teach you system and techniques to use your time effectively to reach your goals.

Lean engineering

Improve flow, collaboration and customer satisfaction!
lean engineering 11 day training where Lean games are used to learn Lean principles in engineering and project work. We focus on customer value and value-adding activities to remove time thiefs, improve collaboration and customer satisfaction.


  • value stream mapping"I was very impressed with Sissel's Lean Six Sigma knowledge. She makes it easy to identify improvements and create results"
    - Daryl Powell, Lean Manager, Kongsberg Maritime SubseaValue stream mapping
  • Lean engineering"Sissel has worked as part of Cambis project team for two of our projects. Her main focus has been on process design, engineering and procurement. Sissel has proven herself as a competent and committed employee. She has been an important contributor to make good progress in the projects she has worked with. At the same time she is accurate and has good quality of the work she performs."
    - Eivind Willoch, Project Manager, Cambi AS lean engineering
  • benchmarking"We are very happy with the work carried out. We was not very clear what the order was, but with your background and expertise the outcome was what we were looking for and a document we will benefit from in the future"
    - Roger Søråsdekkan, Site Leader at Allnex, Norwaybenchmarking
  • monitoring program"We hired Lean Tech to develop monitoring program for air emission. The monitoring program should satisfy requirements from the Norwegian Environment Agency including sampling frequency to ensure representative samples, uncertainty estimates, calculations and preparation of reporting templates, etc. The assignment was delivered with the correct content at the right time. Recommended." monitoring program
    - Kjell Even Misfjord, SHE manager at Allnex, Norway  
  • monitoring program"Sissels ability to quickly understand the issue, as well as her commitment and expertise is impressive. Her analytical and thorough contribution to our monitoring program has been precise and targeted, and very educational. " monitoring program
    - Thomas Løvik, HSEQ advisor at TWMA, Norway